Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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About Munay

About MunayMunay is the Quechua word for "love and beauty". Quechua is a language that is spoken throughout six South American countries and boasts 24 dialects.

The first principle of the Inca's way is called munay in Quechua. It means to love. It doesn't mean romantic love but a deep, abiding, impersonal love that comes naturally from the heart. In the Munay Soccer Academy, we will strive to develop munay for soccer in every child.

The Munay Soccer Academy consists of local youth and high school players. These players represent our school and community. The Academy is designed to provide a positive, fun-learning environment from coaches who are highly qualified and dedicated to the players and their development. Our only request is that your child attends with a positive mentality and a willingness to learn. The collaboration between coaches and players is a key factor in the successful development of your child. Click here to read Munay Soccer Academy Zero Tolerance Policy.

Munay Soccer Academy focuses on teaching, training, and developing players using different training methods. Our emphasis is placed on the development of skill and touch, on and off the ball, and the technical and tactical development of the player using small-sided 1v1 training games and building up to the 11v11.

Munay Soccer Academy is where coaches are devoted to helping young soccer players develop into well-rounded players through local and international competition, indoor soccer and tournaments all year around.