Monday, November 18, 2019
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Munay and AYSO Affiliate

AYSO logoSince the Fall of 2013, Girls and Boys 9 & 10 year old AYSO Extra teams have joined Munay to participate in the WYSL league. Thanks to this partnership between Munay and AYSO, players with advanced skills, currently enrolled in the AYSO Extra program, will have the opportunity to join Munay directly to be able to play at a challenging level. AYSO, through its EXTRA program, will serve as Munay's primary source for the scouting and recommendation of players who are ready to compete at the next level. This partnership will create a much larger pool of players that are enrolled in both programs, that will in turn strengthen the quality of advanced players as they advance year to year.  Furthermore, advanced players will be identified and recommended at an earlier age, giving the  opportunity of developing and honing their skills at an earlier age as well. 

Important Player Birth Year Information

Starting in the Fall of 2016, all tryouts and divisions for all Munay teams are switching over to the new "calendar year" designation, and will be represented by the player's birth year.  So, for example, what was formerly the "U9" team or division, will now be called "2008".  All referencees to U9, U10, etc are obsolete for "travel" teams going forward.


For more information on the Munay and AYSO affiliation or how to try out, please visit the Ossining AYSO website HERE.