Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Munay Soccer Academy?

Tryout information is posted on our website for those players interested in trying out for a team. Be sure to have your child tryout for the appropriate group age according to their birth year. If your child is chosen for a team, you will receive registration instructions from your team manager or coach.


What are the fees for the 2018-2019 season?

The fee for the Fall 2018- Spring 2019 Season is $490.00 per season. The fee for Munay/Ayso teams is $275.00 per season (more information on the Munay/Ayso teams below) There is also a separate uniform package fee that should be purchased ONLINE with our uniform vendor Macron. Once a player has been registered with the league and issued a player pass, the fee is non-refundable. 


My child is not old enough to join Munay. What options do I have until then?

Munay and AYSO have formed a partnership that puts 4 teams in the 9 & 10 year old age group to participate in the WYSL. For children younger than 9 years old, we recommend attending Munay camps and clinics (where available). Additionally, we offer indoor soccer during the winter months for players ages 5-10 that is typically held at the Ossining Rec Center.


Munay is now hosting 9 & 10 year old teams through an agreement with Ossining AYSO. What does this affiliation mean to the program?

Munay will be working in developing and providing elite players to have an opportunity to play at the next level, whether it is to play Academy, College, or any advanced program, AYSO will serve as a feeder organization to Munay. The Ossining AYSO program has always been a crucial program to providing the fundamentals and a strong base of players for many years, so an affiliation between AYSO and Munay will only make the local program even stronger for the future.


What is the expected time and travel commitment for the regular season?

There are 10 games in the Fall and 10 games in the Spring. Half of the games are home games, so you only travel to approximately five away games each season. All games are played on Sundays. There is a possibilty that rescheduled games are played on some Saturdays. During the season, all of our teams hold two weekly practice sessions of 90 minutes in duration. One of these sessions is typically with a professional paid trainer. However, as most of our teams from age 13 and up are now coached by full-time trainers, the commitment to attend all practices and games is greater. Older teams typically train in the winter months all the way through until June, twice during the week with a competitive event on the weekend.


Are there any fundraising opportunities or scholarships available?

Yes, there are fundraising opportunities available to all teams and players. Speak with your Team Manager or coaching staff for more information. To apply for a Scholarship / Financial Assistance, click here.


Does Munay offer extra training?

Yes, Munay offers training sessions with paid professional trainers for each team. We also offer camps and clinics to children of all ages each summer. In addition, you may contact us for information regarding personal or group sessions.


What are the disciplinary procedures, if any, for a player/parent/coach involved in Munay?

Please visit our Club Policies page for more information.


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